Sometimes the boys are not interested in the dating girl and they want breakup. Here, they are trying to express their feelings but face lots of issues such as – lack of confidence. Due to all these things, they are finding a perfect method for such task.

If you want to tell a girl you’re not interested then you need to follow a simple way. Do not make it complicated by paying attention to lots of things. Following are some key instructions.

Do not like her

When it comes to express the feelings then the biggest error is appearing in the form of emotions. Most of the boys are thinking about girls and they do not want to hurt them. They want to end all things politely by which they can spend a great time and do not face worst conditions. In these types of cases, the individuals are not required to think it.

Setup the mind

Before taking any step, you are required setup own mind first. Here, you are required to check out lots of factors and make sure that you are ready for it. Firstly, you need to believe in that all things are over now and you are not in a relationship. It can help the boys in taking hard decisions and express themselves in front of girls.

Text her

Some boys are facing issues with their words. They are facing lots of hesitation and due to it they cannot clear all things with the girl. In case you are facing similar kind of issues then you need to choose the option of text. In such way, you do not need to face the girl and send your message without any kind of emotional issues.

Clean breakup

When you are going to tell a girl you don’t want a relationship with her then avoid the dramatic conditions. Here, you should try to make sure that you are saying all things in a perfect manner. It means you are avoiding the unnecessary things such as – emotions and other factors. All you need to do is clean breakup by clearing all things and aspects.

tell a girl you're not interested

Give a perfect reason

Relationship is not any kind of game that you can play or enjoy as per the mood. It is a crucial thing in the life of both individual. In case anyone is going to give up in the relationship or breakup then he/she needs to give a proper reason. The reason is providing a base to another individual for improving the mental condition and focusing on some other factors.

Allow to speak

After saying all things that you want to say do not restrict her to speak. You tell a girl you don’t want to date then give her a chance to represent herself. She speaks for expressing herself and giving a good opinion. Expressing the feelings can help her in several ways such as – sorting the issues or she may want some time to rebuild the relationship and many other things.